Rozelle Residential Home Extension

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Home extension in Rozelle, Sydney

Project Details, Sydney, NSW

Our lives and living arrangements change so much so quickly and so do the requirements of space within our homes. Some of us find it hard due to the lack of space as the kids grow up. The question on many peoples lips are, do we sell, or do we renovate? Home extension projects are worth looking into. There is no secret,  there is a property boom happening in Sydney right now. There are so many factors to consider when looking into renovating your home.  The  housing market should be carefully looked into along with fees involved with both buying and selling. You will have to consider things such as moving costs and other variables. Home renovations are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Whether you choose a home extension, renovation or a second storey addition, finding trustworthy & reliable builders in the industry is essential. Extension builders can deliver quality designs that incorporate all your requirements, are budget sensitive, and work well with your existing home. It’s important to add value to your property at all times.

Home Improvements; what can I extend, add on or renovate?

Every customer looking to renovate has totally different objectives. Many needs and requirements are dependent on the house or property they currently have. Most cases extensions can be added to the front, side or rear of the original house. When talking about house extensions, there are typically two main types – single storey extensions, or multi-storey – two storey extensions. Such home renovations and extensions can include extra rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, laundry, games rooms for the kids, theatre rooms, lounge room, dining room, sunrooms and amazing outdoor entertaining areas.

For your home renovations and home extensions to be a smart and successful investment, there are a number of important factors to think about first.

Important considerations for home extensions and renovations

As obvious as it seems, the first thing to consider is the budget and costs involved with your planned extension. For example, single storey house renovations are typically far more cost effective than multi-storey extensions. Keeping your designs innovative  is the best way to minimise the cost, while maximising  space.

Secondly, please do your research. When looking for extension builders  for your home renovations  you will have to  know the rules and regulations related to home renovations specific to your area. Contact your local building authority like your council to find out what types of planning permissions you will need for the desired renovation.  Approvals are important, you may find yourself battling legal complications  resulting in arguments and financial loss.

Who should you talk to?

The only way to guarantee a successful and pain free journey with your home renovation & extension is to embrace the knowledge, advice and services of a good Sydney builder. You will have to know what you want to achieve and the purpose of your home extension.   A good builder like Melrose Design Build will discuss these  specific requirements with you. We offer the best rates, while using the latest building  techniques and designs to deliver the best results. Melrose Design extension builders and experts in home renovations recommend keeping any materials like clippings that best represent your dream to help with choosing the perfect home extension and materials needed.

So whether it’s a matter of extending your home to accommodate your family, or it’s a simple change of lifestyle, home renovations can be the way forward in achieving homely happiness.

This  particular project involved adding an extension to an early 1900’s building in Rozelle, Sydney.

The project included the demolition of an existing extension and garage and the addition of word to the original structure and the work included:

  • New bathroom with mosaic floor tiles and a Corian stone bath tub
  • Marine grade plywood kitchen with stainless steel bench top and L.E.D lighting
  • Living room with a curved plywood ceiling, recycled brick walls and working fireplace
  • A new single car garage with a loft above
  • Heritage curved galvanised roofing throughout
  • New landscaping design
  • Detailed hand-made carpentry doors and windows


This project was designed by Design 5 Architects Sydney.


Over $600,000

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